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Kannel Monitoring Tool - Ruby Gem

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Last few months I have been facing lots of issues in Kannel SMS gateway.Some time sms are getting queued up, in some other time smsc went to the reconnecting stage. I searched for a tool which will monitor Kannel status unfortunately I didn’t find a tool to monitor and give an alert. so decided to write a tool which will monitor Kannel activities.
kannel_monitor 0.0.2
This gem will monitor
  •    kannel status
  •    kannel sms queue
  •    smsc status
  •    smsc queue and will send a email alerts when something went wrong.
Just install gem in server using
gem install kannel_monitor
run monitoring activity using command
kannel_monitor 'path to kannel_monitor.yml'
Example of yml file is given Here.
you need to set a crone job to run this in a specific intervals. If a smsc is permanently reconection stage and you don’t want to monitor that smsc, then you can skip that particular smsc by adding in sms_to_be_skipped